Episode 77

MRS 077: Radoslav Stankov


February 13th, 2019

36 mins 40 secs

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Host: Charles Max Wood

Special Guest:  Radoslav Stankov

Episode Summary

In this episode of My Ruby Story, Charles hosts Radoslav Stankov, the head of the engineering team at Product Hunt.

Listen to Radoslav  on the podcast Ruby Rogues on this episode.

Radoslav was interested in technology from a young age, he was recruited by a company at a youth community center for IT support. He was interested in web development so he started to coding in PHP.  He then started learning Ruby on Rails and started working for a company which sells trucks where he built the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system  in Rails. The user interface for this ERP system was very successful and Radoslav stresses any software that can’t be used by the client can not be considered very good.

Radoslav then started working for a startup which failed but there he met the team  which eventually led him to the job at Product Hunt. Radoslav and Charles share stories where they were hired by people they had met at other projects. They point out that people like to keep hiring those they trust and admire. Radoslav then goes on to share projects he has been proud of throughout his career.

Radoslav is currently at Product Hunt and one of the working to make the app work better and faster.



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