Episode 60

MRS 060: Jamie Wright


September 12th, 2018

20 mins 3 secs

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About this Episode

Panel: Charles Max Wood

Guest: Jamie Wright

This week on My Ruby Story, Charles talks to Jamie Wright about his background and current projects that he is working on. Ruby Rogue interviewed Jamie on Episode 326 – check out that episode for more information. Chuck and Jamie discuss many topics, but one in particular is truly inspiring and that is Jamie’s impact within his community: teaching! Jamie is enthused to help students with designing games and helping them with programming. Check-out today’s episode to hear more! 

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

0:53 – Introduction. Episode 326 of Ruby Rogues is a past episode with Jamie as a guest.

1:50 – Chuck was at Microsoft Build. It’s interesting to see where all of this stuff comes out. Interesting to see where it will be in the next few years.

2:31 – There is a lot of room for improvement – Google Dispatch. It is their AI, which is insane. Compare that to last year, it’s leap and bounds different.

2:59 – Let’s talk about your story, Jamie.

3:10 – Jamie started programming in high school, which was offered through an introduction course. It was in Basic. His cousin who was a programmer, too, influenced him. Jamie took this course, and he made a tic-tac-toe game. Went he went to college he took computer science, and fell in love with it there. Jamie loves the idea of creating things from nothing to something. It is art to me. It’s pretty neat. It’s not like you are investing hundreds of thousands into a fashion line, it’s just your time into a computer.

4:48 – Chuck makes some comments.

4:57 – Jamie mentors children from 7 – 17 years old. Works with a program, which is worldwide. Jamie helps the kids build their own games.

5:29 – Chuck: That sounds like fun!

5:35 – Seeing a side of programming where there aren’t any deadlines.

5:45 – Chuck reflects on Jamie’s previous comment.

6:03 – Jamie: It’s fun to put all of that stuff aside and watch people tinker. And hearing all of the “Oh’s and Ah’s!”

6:22 – Chuck: How did you get into Ruby?

6:31 – Jamie: Code Mash (local). Leon, in 2006/2007, was doing a workshop for Ruby, and Jamie fell in love with it. He tinkered around with it in Rails, and he was hooked ever since.

7:25 – What got you excited about it?

7:36 – A.) You had to be on Windows B.) You needed Microsoft Tooling.

Just the ease of opening up a terminal, and that there was less friction – it was just easy!

Jamie continues to talk about the other reasons why he fell in love with Ruby. He also enjoys the community. For him it was a good decision and it is fun for me. The fun factor is still there for me. Jamie loves Ruby.

9:22 – Chuck: What have you done in Ruby? We talked about Chatbots earlier.

9:30 – Jamie’s first project was a To Do List app. He wanted to do a task list from just one sentence. Jamie created MORALE, and it did okay for a while. That was his first app in Ruby’s. As far as open source work, Jamie hasn’t done anything that hasn’t really taken off. He created LAZINESS. Listen to this timestamp for other of Jamie’s projects and creations that he has been apart of.

11:12 – Chuck to Jamie: What are you most proud of?

11:14 – Jamie: I am most proud of teaching. I have created workshops. I see the same excitement that I had about Ruby’s.

11:49 – Chuck: It’s interesting to see what people really care about. Something I did helped someone else and their future, which is really cool.

12:29 – I am playing with Elixir now, because of Ruby, among other projects. Other projects: Pomodoro’s App and integration.

14:49 – Jamie: “Elixir is awesome. I feel like it is a perfect language for Chatbots.”

15:31 – Chuck: We will have to dive into that a little more.

16:06 – Chuck: Do you have some picks for us?

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