Episode 59

MRS 059: Rob Miller


September 5th, 2018

22 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

Panel: Charles Max Wood

Guest: Rob Miller

This week on My Ruby Story, Charles talks to Rob Miller. Rob is a return guess from Ruby Rogues 235. Rob shares his journey into programming, starting with creating HTML and CSS and website building. Rob talks about his book Text Processing with Ruby and projects and he is currently working on.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on

1:15 - Rob shares about getting into programming starting with Geocities and website building

4:00 -  Rob and Charles talks about the old ways of working with websites building

5:20 -  Rob talks about when he go into Ruby, and along with PHP and Rails.

6:09 -  Rod share on what he like most about Ruby. The Community and people who were ambassadors for the language. Charles share that this is similar to his experience with getting into Ruby. The community is amazing and very helpful.

8:00 -  Charles ask Rob about his book about “Text Processing with Ruby.” Rob shares his reason for writing this book about text wrangling.

11:00 -  Rob share more on Dev Ops and other connecting tools to Ruby.

12:00 -  Charles ask about other thing Rob is doing with Ruby. Rob says it is mostly web development materials and things that have to with web.

13:00 -  Rob mentions that nowadays he is working on marketing, data and working with companies with their products on the backend of marketing and programming.

15:00 -  Rob says this is a way for him to help him promote his book. Rob shares a bit on The 3 Virtues of a Programmer: Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris.

16:00 - Charles ask Rob about writing a book. Charles asks about the process with Pragmatic Book Shelf. Rob shares the dos and don’ts of his experience with his book.

19:00 -  Shares information on where you connect find out more about him and his book.